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About Swoopes Sound

           Multimedia Production as my career

path has proven to be everything that I ever

wanted to do and I have the tenacity, skills

set, and creativity to do so. Right now, I am

currently an aspiring musician, a Freelance Audio/Visual Technician , a Professional Sound Designer and Videographer. The career possibilities that my Major has provided are endless which cater to my quick to adapt mentality and ability to effectively provide immersive experiences through sound and visuals. I have a passion for creating and editing sounds to visuals such as Animation, Film, and Video Games. My peers and mentors have stated that I possess the technical skills and imagination for creating immersive experiences through sound.

           Now, residing in the State of Washington, I am continuing to provide services for those looking to have Awesome Visuals. My years of education while attending The Arts Institute of Austin for 6 years and the experiences I've had providing sound and capturing awesome footage have been a lot more fruitful than I had ever imagined. Enjoy what my work has to show, let my passion for great sound and visuals spark your imagination, and allow my team and I to provide Swoopes Sound  for your next project!

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